About Us

People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.

Albert Einstein

Our names are Jason and Terry Smith, and we are the founders of “Redeemed” Reclaimed Lumber, LLC. The idea for the company was born in about 2003 when my husband Jason, or Jake as we call him got a strange idea to build a portable bandsaw mill in our garage. He has always had a passion for building and a stronger one for building with wood. Well, he finished the sawmill and it worked perfectly, cutting very accurate and beautiful lumber. There was only one problem . We lived in the Sandhills of western Nebraska, dubbed the Great American Desert by the first pioneers to cross due to the almost complete absence of trees. After some time on the internet, he made a trip to The Ozarks of Southern MO to pick up a load of Oak and he fell in love with the Ozark Mountains, with their clear water rivers, deep “hollers”, tall bluffs and seemingly endless timber. The mountains seemed to breathe life during the spring, when the wild cherry and the dogwoods are in bloom. The history of the Ozarks and the people who settled them is a fascination to us still.

Wanting to preserve some of this rich history as well as to help preserve the precious and dwindling natural resources, in this case, the timber, “Redeemed” Reclaimed Lumber was born. We embarked on a journey to redeem these marvelous old structures and revive the material they were built from and give it a new life to live on in the homes of people around the country and around the world. It is our intention to provide with each piece of furniture, each lot of flooring, each handcrafted fireplace mantle or piece of hardware, to provide a bit of history about the structure that the material was taken from.

In that way, we hope that a bit of the history of the people who built this country, one structure at a time, often times from Forests never before touched by a steel blade, will live on and be passed down as heirlooms for generations to come. In doing so, as mentioned previously, we will also be making use, once again, of a valuable and sustainable natural resource, which will do much to save the cutting of more of our rapidly depleting Forests.

We feel obligated to make note that the “Redeemed” in our company name is reference to the work that was done for us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to whom we are eternally grateful and bound to serve. We Pray that His will be done in this company and that each day is an opportunity to minister to those around us.